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Instruments in My Shop

These are the instruments I currently have. All are in working order unless otherwise noted. A few instruments have links to some additional info. I'd be happy to answer any questions about use or repair of these any of these types. This is not a for-sale list.

Name Serial Date Notes
Ballantine 323 True RMS Voltmeter 829 1960's analog, 20MHz bw
Ballantine 323 True RMS Voltmeter 024-6187 ~1980 analog, 20MHz bw (not working)
Clarostat 240C Power resistor decade box 9792 1-999,999 ohm
Clark-Hess 259 Volt-Amp-Watt meter digital, 170KHz
Danbridge DR6CDEFGH Decade Resistance Box 15220 Cheap GR imitiation
Data Precision 1350 DMM 1611 bench, 3 1/2 digit
Elgenco 603A Gaussian Noise Generator 046-00147 5Hz-5Mhz, specs like GR 1390, but solid-state
Fluke 8810A Digital Multimeter bench, 5 1/2 digit, this unit DC V only
GR 722-M Precision Condenser 1550 1944 100-1000pf variable
GR 1205-B Adjust. Reg. Power Supply 0-300V @ 200ma, -150V 5ma, 2x 6.3VAC 5A
GR 1206-B Unit Amplifier 1704 >100KHz, 3W into 600 Ohms, 200V P-P
GR 1208-C Unit Oscillator 2982 65-500MHz, needs tube
GR 1209-B Unit Oscillator 4265 250-960MHz
GR 1209-B Unit Oscillator 3553 250-960MHz, has problems
GR 1209-DL Unit Oscillator 7408 180-600MHz
GR 1211-B Unit Oscillator 491 0.5-50MHz, 10W
GR 1215-B Unit Oscillator 2394 50-250MHz
GR 1216-A Unit IF Amplifier B100? + osc + mixer = VHF/UHF measuring receiver
GR 1481-B Standard Inductor 1163 2mh
GR 1608-A Impedance Bridge 1184 ~1970 0.1% accy LCR bridge
GR 1633-A Incremental Inductance Bridge 539 measure inductors under bias at audio freqs
GR 1670-A Magnetic Test Set 125 1935? special inductance bridge, missing test yoke
HP 209A Oscillator 1045A04948 4Hz-2MHz sine/square, similar HP 204
HP 214A Pulse Generator 1239A08244 100V pulse generator
HP 312A Wave Analyzer 748-00531 >1968 10KHz-17MHz measuring receiver
HP 350B Attenuator Set 003-06387 600 ohm step attenuator
HP 353A Patch Panel 247-01834 Audio step attenuator and 2 transformers
HP 425 Micro Volt-Ammeter 871 ~1960 tube analog meter, 10uV-1V 10pA-3ma
HP 3490A Digital Multimeter 1529A03804 >1974 rack, 5 1/2 digit, V, ohm, ACV
HP 6177B DC Current Source 1149A00939 1974 500ma 50V
HP 8105A Pulse Generator dual independent outputs, 30V, offset, pulse burst
Interstate Electronics P24 Pulse Generator 0401 50MHz, Tr=4ns, bad design, not recommeded.
Keithley 179 TRMS Digital Multimeter 14068 4 1/2 digit bench meter
Keithley 412 Micro-Microammeter 13786 ~1960 logarithmic picoammeter 100fA-10nA
Kepco ABC 30-0.3 Power Supply E22988 1960's 30V 0.3A CC/CV
Kepco ATE 36-3 Power Supply 1980s? 36V 3A CC/CV hi prog b.w., hi-z I-source
Kepco JQE 36-3 Power Supply H71463 1970s? 36V 3A CC/CV
Leeds & Northrup 4775 resistance decade 1049461 <1966 1-9999 ohms 0.1%
Military ME-418/PSM-37 Multimeter 6242 1970's analog transistor VOM
Military ME-418/PSM-37 Multimeter 1970's analog transistor VOM
Military TS352 B/U VOM 9650B 50's? Massive 20Kohm/volt VOM
Military TV7 A/U Tube Tester 1642:SLE 1950's
Military ZM4 B/U Resistance Bridge 1637 milliohm bridge, like Leeds & Northrup
Shallcross 817B Resistance Box 23430 0.01-999.99 ohm
SKL 308A Variable Electronic Filter 341 ~1962 dual 0.02Hz-20KHz HP/LP filter
Tektronix 31 calculator 1970's massive programmable desktop
Tek 7904A 500MHz mainframe scope
Tek 7A26 Dual Trace Amp B030610 200MHz
Tek 7A13 Differential Comparator B240394 100MHz differential amp, flaky
Tek 7A22 Differential Amplifier 1 MHz 10uV differential amp
Tek 7B80 Time Base B058715 Like 7B85 without the delay/delta-time
Tek 7B85 Delaying Time Base B083630
Tek 7D15 225MHz universal counter/timer B102661
Tek type 134 Current Probe Amplifier 010610 w/ P6019 40MHZ AC current probe
Tek type 131 Current Probe Amplifier w/ P6016 ~18MHz AC current probe
Tek P6046 Differential Probe w/ amp, 50MHz bw
Texas Instruments 6615 Pulse Generator 409 ~1965
W+G AR-150 level regulator precision sine leveler 10Khz-100MHz (problems?)
Wavetek 144 HF Sweep Generator 072231 10MHz sweep function generator

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roger hayward, 2010/10/07 11:38

GRj 1633A bridge minimum input voltage. Thanks

Robert MacLachlan, 2010/10/09 08:03

You set the voltage according to the impedance of the DUT to achieve the desired current. The bridge can tolerate up to 1kv on some ranges. I use a 20W audio amp with an external blocking capacitor so that I can also apply DC bias with a homemade current source.

greg, 2011/02/05 20:50

does any one have a operateing manual for a dataprecision 1350 multimeter if so chould you send it to me via email thankyou greg

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