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These namespaces are currently in use:

  • analysis: articles analyzing particular topics that synthesize many different sources. Analysis has sub-namespaces organized around various concepts or modes of analysis. New pages will normally be created in one of those sub-namespaces.
  • books: book reviews with discussion of how this book relates to or informs our views. (edit books template)
  • papers: reviews of scholarly papers (with PDF versions of the paper.)
  • people: generalizations about the works and views of particular authors or researchers. Not to be confused with wiki:user:.
  • playground: a play area where new users can experiment without breaking anything.
  • story: the main narrative that tries to integrate all the important top-level concepts in a single linear flow.
  • tag: tag description pages for commonly used tags. (edit tag template)
  • wiki: support pages for this wiki. The sub-namespace wiki:user: has the personal areas for contributors, including their homepage and reflections. wiki:templates contains the new-page templates for various namespaces (linked above) and the default template (edit default template.)
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