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Test equipment information has moved here.

I no longer buy surplus components much, so I've deleted all of the old links except to odd corners of the net you might not easily find with Google.

I've used these vendors, and have been generally satisfied.

  • All Electronics
    Electronics Goldmine Good values on surplus components.
  • DIGI-Key Stocking distributor, new components. I first bought from them back in the 70's when their catalog was a couple mimeographed sheets stapled together (less than 1% the current catalog size.)
  • Mouser Electronics Stocking distributor, new components. Better passive components selection than Digi-key. The semiconductors it sells are generally industry-standard parts made by a specified manufacturer. A Phillips IRF mosfet may be cheaper than the original International Rectifier one that Digi-key sells.
  • Fair Radio Sales Company Inc. I used to order from these guys back in the 70's when I was in high school. They're still selling some of the same WW II surplus. A fair amount of test equipment at competitive proces.
  • Surplus Shed Mainly surplus optical items, some electronic stuff. Good prices, PA.
  • MECI (Mendelson eletronics) Surplus components, moves inventory fast at low prices, so stock varies from month to month. Large inventory not all in the catalog, and items may disappear from the catalog but still be available.
  • Opamp Catalog Technical books, with many professional electronics titles. I bought some stuff at their store in LA.

Surplus Store Info Pages

Here are some pointers to other pages that list some electronics surplus stores:

My electronics page | email

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