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This is the page template for the “books” namespace, containing book reviews. The page header above has been constructed from the page name, which should have omitted noise words like “the”, “and”, “a”, etc. Make the header be the exact title. This is what will show up in links and the index browser.

To find the Amazon ID number look up the book on Amazon with a search, then click through to the book's page. The ID number is the part between the last two slashes in the URL. This is usually the 10-digit ISBN, but there may be exceptions.

Review text goes here. Remember to write using “we” not “I”. If there is something that must be personal (an anecdote or inexplicable reaction) then make a comment on the page after it is created.

You can quote from the book like this.

Link to any relevant analysis pages or books on similar topics. Use the link wizard (chain link icon above) or link directly using the pagename syntax (if you know the pagename.) If the page you want to link to hasn't been written yet, then just link to it anyway. This will create a “wanted” entry in the Todo. If there are multiple books in the wiki by the same author, then it's good to create a people: page for the author and push up into that page any analysis interpretation that apply to the author's views in general.

Pick some tags for this book. See Tags for a list of all tags in current use, but feel free to use a new tag if there is no similar existing tag. You can click through to the tag page to see how the tag is currently used.

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