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Naive Realism

In the basic meaning of Naïve realism, someone mistakes their perception of reality for reality itself. It's easy to fall for the user interface illusion because our perceptions seem really real and because perception does tend to be fairly accurate. We are only aware of the failings of perception when we consider optical illusions or conflicting eyewitness testimony. Such naivete may extend to worldview, judgment and emotion (The Happiness Hypothesis discusses this.) Some believe that their worldview is “just the way the world is,” and that their judgments and emotions are the only way to respond to situations and events. This level of naivete clearly leads to conflict with others because they frequently do disagree with our interpretations. The belief that everyone has the same worldview is clearly untenable, but when we are angry most of us believe that we (and all right-thinking people) have the correct worldview, and anyone who disagrees “just doesn't get it”, or is biased, crazy or evil.

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