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This is an open collaboration. We are working toward a new explanation of the human condition, one that comes out of the convergence of science with other fuzzier strands of thought, a view that honors the subjective and spiritual aspect of human experience. Many other sites touch on the Human Condition, but we are unique in our goal of developing a consensus limited by certain premises. Our starting point is Puzzling Evidence from Evolutionary Psychology and other psychology areas ( social, positive, personality and cognitive), as well as neuroscience, anthropology, Economics and artificial intelligence. Science and engineering offer many insights relevant to the Human Condition, but little of this knowledge has made it into more general awareness, and when it has it often degenerates to cartoon simplicity.

Our method is reinterpretation–not a scientific theory, but a web of meaning encompassing many theories. Our ultimate goal is a compelling Human Story, but what we have now is various Analysis that refers to scientific results and other interpretive efforts, especially books. You will see that our synthesis demands nuanced straddles between opposing philosophical positions such as Determinism vs. Free Will and Nature Versus Nurture, and also between traditionally hostile disciplines such as Evolutionary Psychology and Sociology.

Some of the “why” answers that we uncover touch on spiritual issues such as morality, our place in the universe and the meaning of life. We see truth in many traditional teachings about human nature, but we are also exploring how our beliefs need need to change as a response to modern culture, worldview and economics.

We believe that our intuitive and cultural understandings of the human condition are greatly distorted. It is humbling to appreciate this, but we strongly believe that a humble human condition need not be meaningless or futile. Developing this realistic self-understanding is worthwhile. As individuals, we can act more effectively, with less frustration and disappointment. Together, we can intelligently strive for progress.

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