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3DOF Micron

The 3DOF Micron system is described in this paper. This was the first version of Micron that demonstrated quantifiable accuracy improvement in a multi-subject trial, and I was involved from the beginning of this version. As well as the reimplemented ASAP tracker, there was a new manipulator based on a unique bending mode actuator.

I came up with a flexure-based manipulator using a folded pair of these piezos to increase the range of motion. This particular arrangement also happens to provide a better combination of range of motion and stiffness than the stacking arrangements that the manufacturer suggests. Greg Podnar did the mechanical design, and I came up with the somewhat involved assembly procedure, using various kinds of adhesives, conductive epoxy, etc., and several machined alignment fixtures. I used a flex PCB to make the connections to the piezos and to the LEDs used for position tracking. There are no active electronic components in the 3DOF handpiece.

I wrote the control software (running at 2K sample/sec) using Labview real-time. I also designed the multi-subject experiment used to evaluate human-in-the-loop performance and analyzed the data using n-way ANOVA (in MATLAB.)

Micron 3DOF manipulator Piezo bender pair

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